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115 x 165mm Single-Sided Fibreglass PCB

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Product Description

Kinsten 115 x 165mm Single Sided Fibreglass PCB

115 x 165mm Fibreglass PCB, 1oz copper, positive presensitized, 1.6mm thick


Protoytpe Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with these Kinsten Positve Resist PCBs

Kinsten manufacture the positive resist coated printed circuit board (PCB) for many prototyping, educational and low volume applications. Even some high volume applications have used Kinsten PCB to keep the full process secure and in-house.

 Kinsten PCB prototyping is renowned for high quality printed circuit boards and ease of use. The photo-resist is machine applied producing an even coating to enable consistent results.

 Many schools, universities, electronic developers and hobbyists use Kinsten, to get repeatable, excellent results.

 Kinsten photo-resist is known for its wide tolerance of processes users like to employ. The very best results are obtained when using Kinsten UV exposure boxes, etch tanks and chemicals with Kinsten PCB.


Fibreglass PCBs

Fibreglass is the most commonly seen PCB substrate. These Singe Sided PCBs have  good electrical and physical characteristics, being robust with good di-electric strength. Kinsten supply it with 1oz or 2oz copper cladding (selected sizes). Fibreglass substrate is generally a straw yellow to green colour, and is available in thicknesses from 0.6mm to 1.6mm

The positive resist has good exposure latitude and can produce very detailed track layouts when suitable artwork and processing is used.

Fibreglass is more demanding to cut and drill. PCB shears are recommended to cut fiber-glass PCB, and carbide drill bits are recommended for drilling.


DIY PCB- These Kinsten PCBs are one of the easiest and most economical ways to produce a PCB at home.


 Product Details

- Positive acting Presensitized PCB (Kinsten brand)

- High Sensitive photo resist coated

- Short exposing time: 60-90 seconds

- Color varied after exposure

- Store in cool dry area

- Single Sided

 - Fibreglass

 -115 x165 x 1.6 mm


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Product Reviews

  1. Top Rate Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2016

    Positive resist. A joy to use.
    A million miles better that the old
    "Iron On"
    You do need a computer.
    But Hey! We've all got one of them....

  2. KINSTEN PCB 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2014

    Great product, quick delivery, great service

  3. fibre-glass substrate is strong and durable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2013

    My favourite Kinsten is the paper phenolic, however there are many circuit boards that warrant a stiffer board or thicker copper foil. A fibre-glass blank shoud be used in these applications, and some have the thicker copper.

    One of my addictions is building audio gear: A-Class amplifier boards will get pretty warm whilst in use (perhaps 50 degrees C in places if you use surface mounted schottky diodes as I have in the past. These type of amplifiers will pass several amps on the "business-end" where the output transistors are mounted. For my money, (perhaps $2 more/board) a fibre-glass product should always be used as there is much much more flexibility where it is needed between the heatsink and output transistor's feet. The difference in price is negligable when the benifits are weighed up. As I said earlier, there is the added benifit of the availability of the thicker foil which will carry many times the 3 or 4 amps I put through a 0.1" track.

    Finally, to the credit of the crew at Kalex. These supplies can be obtained easily within Australia. I recommend them to all enthusiasts and professionals alike. I have not been paid to say this but feel that I actually owe them for the great service that I have received over the years and the fact that they don't usually charge for packaging - just the cost of postage itself in most cases. I can order my boards on Wednesday and they will always arrive within 2 days via express package. Congratulations to the workers at Kalex.