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Make your own PCBs

Making your own PCBs is really a very simple process. It can be quick, clean, and very inexpensive. Here we have broken down the process into four basic steps:


1. Print

 Put an artwork base into your laser printer and print out the desired circuit design.



2. Expose

 Place the artwork on the photosensitive PCB and expose to UV light using a UV Exposure Box (for 60-90 seconds)



3. Develop

 Place the board in the tray, mix some developer  (1 bag of developer per litre of water) with water and pour on top and agitate to remove exposed photo resist.



4. Etch

 Fill etching tank with water and mix in some etchant (2 bags of etchant for the ET10, 3 bags for the ET20). Lower board into tank to eat away exposed copper.

1282777559780-6953.gif                         20121119-094944-47643.1353279592.1280.1280.jpg


It’s really as simple as that. The links below will go into more detail and break down each step further, but as you see the overall process is alot simpler than many believe. We also believe that with our products, the quality can be as good as getting your PCBs prototyped professionaly as well as saving you time, money and giving you a lot more flexibility in design.

With the introduction of an economy UV Exposure Box ($49.95), its now possible to get all the gear required to make your own PCBs at home for only a little over $100!


Links - Please check out the following links for information about making your own PCBs.

If you have produced your own relevant article or video, or know of one that you will think will be helpful, please send the link to sales@kalexelectronics.com.au

Note: Links will take you to an external site.

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